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The development of the project “Charpalang” has been started

Caspian Soft has started the implementation of the project “Charpalang Application for Kids”, that took first place in “Social Projects” competition held by “RİİB (Regional İnkişaf)”, the public union of “Haydar Aliyev Foundation” in 2019.
The main goal of the project that was presented to competition by “Sabaha İnam”, the social development public union is to increase the interest of kids to literature, art, history and other areas, to instill national spirit, to increase the appropriate knowledge according to areas and widen their vision.
The final version of the mobile application will be consist of 3 parts, “Story”, “Learn” and “Game”.
The application will be under the control of parents and they will be able to track how productive their kids will use the application.
This application will be a great opportunity for social development and expansion of vision for kids, also it will help more effective use of new technologies.
For more details please look at the website of “RİİB” Public Union.
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